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Aim :- Gandhian principles of non-violence, self sufficiency, communal harmony, simple living and truth are indispensable for tackling present day problems such as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, etc. Gandhian principles help one to reshape the lost morality and regain humanity. We are still awed by the uniqueness of Gandhiji’s simple living and high thinking while at the same time practising his preaching. It is no surprise that to some extent they are relevant and are followed not only in India but also by many leaders all over the world. Gandhian ways and his ideals seem to be the only solution to overcome the present ever growing problem of terrorism. The path shown or followed by Gandhiji at that time still remains a very valid one if somebody chooses to tread on it. In today’s scenario,’ Eye for an Eye’ is no solution as it aggravates the situation. Peaceful coexistence, economic independence, respect for women, child centered education and basic education for everyone, universal brotherhood – all these principles should serve as a beacon of light to guide humanity to a better world. The primary objective of the Gandhian Study Centre in our college is the study and dissemination of knowledge of the life, thought, values and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. These activities focus on different aspects of Gandhian philosophy in their contemporary context, and on themes relevant to the thought, values and concerns of the father of the nation.

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