Caste Based Discrimination Prevention Cell (CBDPC)

     Caste Based Discrimination Prevention Cell (CBDPC) is to prevent and solve issues of caste based discrimination. The cell comprises of the Principal of the college as chairperson and senior faculties as members. Any difficulty faced by students can be reported to Tutor-in -charge, HOD's or any member of CBDPC. Complaints can also be reported through CBDPC link in the official website. CBDPC LINK

 Chairperson :
 Coordinator :
 Dr. K. Anirudhan ( Principal)
 Dr.Nisha J. Tharayil (Asso. Prof. of Physics)
 Members :

Dr.R.S.Jaya (Asso. Prof. of Malayalam)
Dr.Sreeja J. (Asso. Prof. of Zoology)


Human Rights Forum

     The Human Rights Forum of the college aims at inculcating awareness about human rights which will pave the way for a brave new world where people will stand shoulder to shoulder to uphold one another’s rights. The club actively organizes seminars, talks and debates related to human rights. Human Rights Forum

 Coordinator :  Lalini M. (Asst. Prof. of History)
 Members : Prabhavati (Asst. Prof. of Economics)
Jibesh (Asst. Prof. of Maths)
Aswathy (Asst. Prof. of Economics)
Aparna (Asst. Prof. of Economics)
Pradeep (Asst. Prof. of History)



Literary  and Book Club


    The Literary and Book Club aims at fostering a love for books and literature in students and promoting literary activities in our college. The activities include book discussions, interaction with authors, review writing competitions, literary quizzes, visits to book fairs and libraries, workshops etc. Literary and Book Club

 Coordinator :  Ms. Aswathy Chandrabhanu (English)
 Members : Deepa B. (Asst. Prof. of English)
Hima S.S.(Asst. Prof. of English)
Mani V. (Asst. Prof. of History)



Nature Club


     The Nature Club is one of the well functioning units in our college. This club aims at developing awareness of environmental protection and conservation of nature and natural resources. The club organizes seminars and nature camps to make the students aware of protecting the natural resources. Nature Club

 Coordinator :   Ms. Archana P J
 Members : Dr.Vijalekshmi V(Asst. Prof. of  Chemistry)
Nisha V (Asst. Prof. of  Chemistry)
Seema Gopinath (Asst. Prof. of  Home Science)
Nileena (Asst. Prof. of  Botany)


Planning Forum

     Planning Forum inculcates plan consciousness among students. The forum undertakes to explore, evaluate and exchange ideas among students and disseminate them to the society. The planning forum regularly conducts surveys, issues, seminars, debates and discussions on current issues. Planning Forum

 Coordinator : Dr.Sindhu Prathap (Asst. Prof. of  Economics)

 Members : Aswathy R(Asst. Prof. of  Economics)
Aparna Das (Asst. Prof. of  Economics)                   Sheeba M R (Asst. Prof. of  Hindi)
Anuji(Asst. Prof. of  Commerce)
Parvathy B(Asst. Prof. of  Economics)



Health Club

     Health Club provides the education, which is needed or commonly undertaken to promote health among the student community. The goal of the Health club is to address the health care needs of our students through health education. It also provides opportunities for students to make personal decisions related to their emotional development. Health Club

 Coordinator :  Dr S.Selsa (Asst. Prof. of  Homescience)
 Members : Aswathy.B.R(Asst. Prof. of  Physics)
 Asha.C.L(Asst. Prof. of  Chemistry)
 Parvathy Ramachandran(Asst. Prof. of  English)
 Jayalekshmi S (Asst. Prof. of  English)
 Aswathy Sugunan(Asso. Prof. of  Homescience)



Community Health Club

    The Community Health Club was implemented to improve the health knowledge, attitudes and practices of our students by promoting, supporting and assisting the basic public healthcare needs. It promotes healthy life styles, primary care services including traditional system of health care practices. Through health care professionals, the club intends to empower the students to actively participate in creating awareness about health issues among the public. Community Health Club

 Coordinator : Dr.Usha.S(Asst. Prof. of  Zoology)

 Members : Dr. Sheeba.M.R(Asst. Prof. of  Hindi)
 Dr.V.V.Rekha (Asst. Prof. of  Home Science)
 Dr. Deepaknand(Asst. Prof. of  Physics)
 Sona.G.Krishnan(Asst. Prof. of  Physics)


Performing Arts & Music Club


     The Music Club nourishes and develops the inborn musical talents of the students. The music club opens up platform for the young students to display their innate artistic talents. Regular music sessions are conducted by the faculty of the Music department. Performing Arts & Music Club

 Coordinator :   Ms. Swetha Mohan
 Members : Indu Suresh (Asst. Prof. of  Home science)
Dr.Neelima Jayadevan(Asst. Prof. of  Malayalam)
Renjini.S (Asst. Prof. of  Chemistry)
Sangeetha Hariharan(Asst. Prof. of  English)
Seema Gopinath(Asst. Prof. of  Homescience)


Media Club

     Media Club inculcates among students an interest in photography and reporting. The club also brings up to date news information and thereby widens the social horizon of our college. The club also endorses the students a chance to explore the society more openly. Media Club

 Coordinator :  Indu.K(Asst. Prof. of  English)
 Members :   Mahesh kumar.V(Asst. Prof. of  Maths)
Sangeetha Hariharan(Asst. Prof. of  English)
Mini.B(Asso. Prof.of English)
Aswathy Chandra Bhanu(Asst. Prof. of  English)
Lekshmi.V.S (Asst. Prof. of  Malayalam)
Asha Bhanu (Asst. Prof. of  Chemistry)


Gandhian Study Centre


     The Gandhian Study Centre is working in our college with the purpose of promoting Gandhian values among our students. Through practical activities the club intends to mould the thinking capabilities of the students and  to prepare them to be better citizens. Gandhian Study Centre

 Coordinator : Aswathy.R.( Asst. Prof. of  Economics)

 Members : Pradeep.S(Asst. Prof. of  Politics)
Dr. Manju.A(Asst. Prof. of  Hindi)






     As an organization which aims at “Personality Development through Community Service” NSS raises the social consciousness of students by providing them an opportunity to work with village and slum dwellers. Sree Narayana College for Women over the years has been imbibing the motto of NSS, ‘NOT ME BUT YOU’. NSS is a student centred programme and it is meant for the all round development of the personality of students. In every year our volunteers have done creditable service inside and outside the instituition. Their activities paved the path for moulding a progressive intelligence. NSS

 Program Officers :  Mr. Pradeep S (Politics)
 Ms. Devipriya D (Botany)




    National Cadet Corps kindles the inherent potential of students like leadership, comradeship and discipline. It develops a secular consciousness and induces the values of selfless service among students. The students of our college regularly participate in the various camps conducted district, state and national levels NCC

 NCC officer :  Ms. Lekshmi Gopidas (Microbiology)



Sports Club

     The Sports Club develops an understanding the significance of sports in daily life. The club looks forward to create a spirit of team building, fitness awareness and the need for regular exercising. The club proposes the impeccable relation between leisure and work and states the importance of having a sound mind in a sound body. Sports Club

 Coordinator :  Dr.Girish Gopalakrishnan (Asst. Prof. of  Phy Ed.)
 Members : Dr.Seena Gopinath (Asst. Prof. of  Home science)
Aravind(Asst. Prof. of  Geography)
Lekshmi Gopidas(Asst. Prof. of  IMB)
Vishnu.S.L(Asst. Prof. of  IMB)
Dr.Rekha.V.V(Asst. Prof. of  Home Science)




Science Club


     The prime focus of the Science Club is to develop scientific attitude and genuine interest in science among students.  The Club organizes seminars and other activities on a regular basis to update the students with the on-going research activities and latest inventions in the World. The Club also encourages members to organize workshops, discussions, engage in competitive programs to stimulate their scientific curiosity. Eminent scientists are often invited to have  an interactive session with the students to share their ideas, research experience and motivate students to pursue a scientific career. Science Club

 Coordinator : Dr.S.K.Subhash (Asst. Prof. of  IMB)
 Members :  Dr.Deepaknand (Asst. Prof. of  Physics)
Dr.Prasanth.S (Asst. Prof. of  Physics)
Dr.Seena Gopinath (Asst. Prof. of  Home science)
Aswathy.B.R (Asst. Prof. of  Physics)
Saranya Babu (Asst. Prof. of  Physics)
Sona.G.Krishnan (Asst. Prof. of  Physics)



 Environmental Club


    The club aims to provide  a sound education in basic science and to promote discovery and learning at all levels of biological organization such as molecular, cellular, organism and ecosystem to make the students recognize the essential roles of science and biology in their lives today and tomorrow. Environmental Club

 Coordinator :  Jisha .S(Asst. Prof. of  Zoology)
 Members : Rakhi .R.U(Asst. Prof. of  Zoology)
Dr.Sandya Suresh(Asst. Prof. of  Home science)
Dr. Sekharan.S(Asst. Prof. of  Botany)
D. Devipriya (Asst. Prof. of  Botany)
Vishnu.S.L (Asst. Prof. of  IMB)
Aravind (Asst. Prof. of  Geography)


Theatre Club



   Theatre Cub provides a medium to the students to nurture their theatrical skills and enable them to communicate their internal and external expression through the mode of theatre. The club also caters to the need of the students to enrich their leadership skills, acting techniques, social and communicative skills. Theatre Club

 Coordinator :  Dr.Lekshmi.V.S (Asst. Prof. of  Malayalam)
 Members : AshaBhanu  (Asst. Prof. of  chemistry)
Jayalekshmi.S  (Asst. Prof. of  English)
Indu Suresh (Asst. Prof. of  Homescience)
Dr.Sandya Suresh (Asst. Prof. of  homescience)
Jaylekshmi (Asst. Prof. of  Geography)


Women’s Study Unit



   The unit envisions for women empowerment and improvises the social status of the female lot. It briefs the students about the scope and significance of women’s education in the contemporary scenario. The unit also functions as a counseling centre for students. Women’s Study Unit

 Coordinator : Vidya.D.R(Asst. Prof. of  Malayalam)
 Members : Dr.Usha(Asst. Prof. of  Zoology)
Resna Reghu (Asst. Prof. of  Geography)
Rekha.S(Asst. Prof. of  Malayalam)
Devipriya.D (Asst. Prof. of  Botany)


People’s Planning Programme Club



  The People’s Planning Programme Club aims at creating awareness among the students about their rights and responsibilities towards the development of a nation. The students are expected to understand the importance of their role in public administration by conducting surveys, resource mapping and projects which can in turn help in the successful implementation of government programmes. People’s Planning Programme Club

 Coordinator : Dr.Nisha.V (Asso. Prof. of  chemistry)
 Members : Anuji.S(Asst. Prof. of  commerce)
Sajitha(Asst. Prof. of  commerce)
Sheeba.M.R(Asst. Prof. of  Hindi)


Debate Club



  The main aim of the Debate Club of the college is to develop creativity, social awareness, leadership qualities and communicative skills of students. For this purpose the debate club organizes college level and inter-collegiate level debates to sharpen their parliamentary rhetoric. Debate Club

 Coordinator : Ms. Aswathy Sugunan
 Members : Aswathy Sugunan (Asso. Prof. of  Home science)
Dr.Harilekshmi.V.S(Asst. Prof. of  English)
Dr. Hemalatha.T(Asst. Prof. of  Hindi)


Sree Narayana Study Centre




  The Sree Narayana Study Centre of our college propagates the teachings and ideals of Sree Narayana Guru, the renowned saint, seer and mystic poet of the century. The proper understanding and applications of the great ideals of the Guru in life is the only panacea for eradicating the evils prevalent in the society. To achieve this goal, the Sree Narayana Study Centre of our college conducts seminars and talks based on the philosophy of the great Guru. Sree Narayana Study Centre

 Coordinator :  Dr. Harilekshmi. V.S (English)
 Members :  Ms. Saraja. R (Malayalam)
 Prof. Archana. S.R (Chemistry)
 Prof. Remya. R (Malayalam)




 Entrepreneurship & Consumer Club





  As per the formulation of the Entrepreneurship Development Clubs by the Department of Industries and Commerce, the college has initiated an Entrepreneurship Development Club to inculcate among youth and equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to act as torch bearers of “Enterprise” for the new generation. The club sensitizes the students on the real economic and industrial development scenario of the state.

   The Consumer Club of our college mobilizes the youngsters by instilling in them the spirit of protecting consumer rights. It regularly organizes consumer protection programmes in the college. Entrepreneurship & Consumer Club

 Coordinator :  Ms. Berny B. Raj (Commerce)
 Members :
 Ms. Ganga. M.R (Commerce)


Biodiversity Club


  The Club intends to equip the youth to create biodiversity awareness in the community. It ensures the conservation of biodiversity in a timely manner in association with the Biodiversity Management Committees.  The clubs helps to materialize Biodiversity Conservation plans proposed by BMC of the area. Biodiversity Club

 Coordinator : Dr.Shekharan.S(Asst. Prof. of  Botany)
 Members: Dr.Manju.A(Asst. Prof. of  Hindi)
Mini.B(Asso. Prof. of  English)
Jisha.S(Asst. Prof. of  Zoology)
Nileena(Asst. Prof. of  Botany)
Mahesh Kumar (Asst. Prof. of  Maths)