The Department of Physics has been part of the college since 1963. What began as an undergraduate programme in Physics has now grown into a Post Graduate department, offering twelve papers in two years of study with electives in recent areas such as nanotechnology. From the time of its initiation the Department has been the hub of innovative teaching activity, attracting a cross-section of students from all over the state. In the history of 52 years, the department has stood with impeccable academic credentials with an overall pass percentage hovering around 90% and producing many rank holders.
         The Department trains its students in humanist traditions with emphasis on intellectual tolerance. It strives to provide an innovative culture among students. Apart from being in charge of teaching Physics in the various courses run by the College, the Department of Physics is active in organizing various seminars and club activities to build up a rich academic and cultural environment in the college.
         The department is now on the process of getting approval as a research Department, affiliated to University of Kerala. We have a good research lab and 10 scholars are working under the supervision of the Faculty members and a thesis is already submitted. Presently the department is equipped with 10 faculty members including three Ph.D holders. Our greatest asset is the members of our Department, who prove each day that they are committed to providing their best for the students and the department. The outgoing students of our department move on to successful careers at all levels, in education, research, central and state government services.

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