The aim of the National Service Scheme is education through community service. It offers the youth a wonderful opportunity to help the poor and the downtrodden. It creates a strong social awareness among the students and imparts personality development to its members through study and work, camps, social service activities and other useful and productive works.

The volunteers enrolled into N.S.S after the screening process have to undergo a minimum of 240 hours work in two consecutive academic years.

The Programme Officers of the N.S.S. units of our college are
1. Mr.Pradeep S (Politics),
2. Ms. Devipriya D (Botany)


The main aim of N.C.C. is the development of leadership qualities, character, comradeship, spirit of sportsmanship and dignity of labour in the youth. It also aims at inspiring students to serve the country in war and peace. Enrolment of cadets in the NCC is made at the beginning of the academic year. Enrolment forms can be had from the NCC Officer. The cadets enrolled have to undergo a minimum of four hours training a week, so as to make a total of 80 training hours in a year. In addition to the drill the training syllabus of the cadets also includes first aid, home nursing, map reading, weapon training, social service etc.

Discharge certificate is issued to those who successfully attend not less than 75% of the training periods. B and C certificate examinations are conducted by the end of the academic year. Those who pass the examination will get certificate qualification at the time of recruitment to public service. (Vide G.O.F.No. 32 dated 17.4.1996)
NCC kits issued to the cadets have to be returned before the month of March every year and a ‘No Dues’ certificate should be obtained from the N.C.C. Officer. The teacher serving as care taker of the N.C.C. Unit in this college is Mrs. Lekshmi Gopidas of the Dept. of Microbiology.