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Green Initiatives

Climate change is a very grave problem which is being dealt with an iron hand world over and the importance of green initiatives is the focal theme of almost all environmental talks around the globe. It has become a concern of each and every person who wishes to breathe unpolluted air and drink clean and safe water. Sree Narayana College for Women is in the front line of resistance against climate change and believes in sustaining our campus in an eco friendly manner so as to benefit the generations of students who will become part of this prestigious institution in the coming years. The campus is an island of greenery in the midst of a sprawling city and the welcoming buds of lilies, marigolds and a dozen other flowers, a symbol of the institution’s conviction towards achieving ecosensitivity.

The Green Rules
We conduct a Green Audit of its campus and facilities every year with the help of the students and faculty of Department of Botany. A record of different types of plants is prepared and kept for reference. There are different clubs taking care of all environmental issues related to the campus. Students of nature club, environmental club and NSS volunteers are actively involved in environmental issues through different activities such as visits to various places, water bodies and lakes for restoration of the glory of these bodies. The college has taken initiatives for planting varieties of species on a large scale, through "Nammude maram programme" in collaboration with social forestry department. Botany department is maintaining a medicinal plant garden and a 'Nakshatra Vanam' which is a garden of plants personifying different zodiac signs, with the help of their students.

An effort was made by Department of Botany in naming the trees and plants in the campus to give awareness to students of the college about the importance of plants. The college organizes seminars & lectures on environmental issues to increase the environmental awareness of the students. The college also organizes regular Scientific Exhibition and Environmental & health awareness camps. A Seminar on "Environmental day celebration" was conducted by the Department of Botany.

Nature club of the college does extensive work towards inculcating environment awareness among students and staff. They regularly organize anti-plastic campaigns by distributing paper bag. We keep the campus free of plastic . Students are given instructions to clean their class rooms, switch off electric gadgets after use, and to minimize the wastage of water.

Our eco friendly campus make use of renewable energy sources like solar panels, a rain water harvesting system and Bio-gas plant. For conserving energy, the bulbs in the college are replaced by CFL and LED bulbs. As a part of the efforts towards achieving Carbon neutrality we have planted trees all around the campus.
The college classrooms are well lighted and airy. The college strictly observes to see that no electric equipments run unnecessarily. Enough measures are taken to use electricity carefully.

Solar Power

The college has put up solar panels and is using this source of renewable energy very efficiently. Solar energy is the energy present in sunlight, which if harnessed by solar panels can be converted into electric energy and be used to replace the electricity that runs on fossil fuels, a rapidly depleting non-renewable source of energy and one that causes severe pollution. Three sets of such panels have been installed in our campus. Though the solar energy installation is a huge investment, it is a permanent solution to the environmental problem. It is an eco friendly alternative and also cuts down on electricity bills.

Go Organic

Biogas production kills two birds with one stone. It reduces waste and produces energy. In addition, the residues from the digestion process can be used as high quality fertilizer.. By understanding today's need of saving of energy, our institution has taken an initiative & sets up Bio-Gas plant to process canteen waste.
We are working towards the usage of organic products such as pulses, fruits and vegetables in the canteen and the hostel mess. Waste generated in the campus, is disposed of from time to time in a scientific way. One of the innovations of the college is the biogas plant, which fuels the incinerator making use of the waste produced in the Campus.
We have incorporated means of solid and water waste management within our campus. We have introduced measures for converting the solid waste generated within the campus as bio fertilizers for the plants and trees.
The Department of Home Science maintains a kitchen garden for producing organic vegetables. This conveys a message to our students to maintain a kitchen garden in their home.

Rain water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is an important environment friendly approach. It is a Green Practice having double benefit of keeping the groundwater level undisturbed and charging the aquifer. This green practice can be encouraged in the form of Community Development Program. Rainwater and run-off water, stored in a planned way, can save the earth from soil erosion and flood and recharge the aquifers to increase the groundwater level. The extensive and unplanned use of groundwater has not only disturbed the natural water level but also has made the groundwater contaminated and unfit for use. Collecting and harvesting rainwater and run-off water would reserve the water for future generation. Rainwater harvesting is eco friendly and economical.

Towards Cleanliness

By enforcing the Prime Minister's "Swachh Bharat Mission", we educate the students about community cleanliness and make them keep their immediate neighbourhood clean. Further all the vehicles making their entry into the campus must mandatory be armed with the pollution check certificate for a smoke free campus. We promote sustainability in accordance with our commitments, and we evaluate and measure our environmental actions regularly. We are thankful to nature which provides us gift of living wrapped in love.

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