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Internal Quality Assurance Cell


 For the welfare of the students and the all round development of the college an Inernal Quality Assessment Cell ( IQAC) has been constituted . The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) monitors and evaluates the functioning of the institution and suggests measures for improvement.
Meetings at various levels are held to modify the policies and plans and recommendations are implemented. Its effectiveness is evaluated from time to time

IQAC Meeting Minutes

01. July 2018
02. August 2018
03. October 2018
04. January 2019
05. March 2019
06. June 2019
07. September 2019
08. November 2019
09. January 2020
09. March 2020

Student Satisfaction Survey Student Satisfaction Survey and Feedback 2015-16
Student Satisfaction Survey and Feedback 2016-17
Student Satisfaction Survey and Feedback 2017-18
Student Satisfaction Survey and Feedback 2018-19
Student Satisfaction Survey and Feedback 2019-20
Student Feedback on Curriculum
Action taken report on feedback 2015-20
Results Result 2018-19
Result 2019-20

IQAC 2020-21

IQAC Chairperson:
Dr Nisha J Tharayil (Principal)

IQAC Co-ordinator:
Dr Harilekshmi V S (Assistant Professor, Department of English)

Administrative Officers:
Mr. Sivaprakash K V (Office Superitendent)
Mrs. Sija Nath (Head Accountant)

Faculty Members:
Dr. Nisha V (Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry)
Dr Selsa S (Associate Professor, Department of Home Science)
Dr S Usha (Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology)
Dr. S. Sekharan (Assistant Professor, Department of Botany)
Mrs. Aswathy Chandra Bhanu (Assistant Professor, Department of English)
Dr. Aparna Das (Assistant Professor, Department of Economics)
Dr. Girish Gopalakrishnan (Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education)
Dr. Bijoy M. (Assistant Professor, Department of Malayalam)
Management Nominee :
Dr. G. Jayadevan (Executive Member, S N Trusts)
Dr. R Raveendran (Research Officer, SN Trusts)
Local Society Nominee :
Mr V Noushad
Alumni Representative :
Dr Seetha Thankappan
Student Representative :
Ms. Janitha J (College Union Chairperson)
Industrialist :
Sri. N Rajendran
Mr. Mohan Shankar

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