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The Parent-Teacher Association is the backbone of any educational institution. It is an organization that consists of Parents and Teachers who work hand in hand for the betterment of the institution. An active Parent Teacher Association functions in this college with the Principal as its President, a parent as Vice- President and a teacher as secretary. The Parent of each student who is admitted in the college will become a member of the association. The PTA has a well framed Constitution and byelaw which is strictly followed during the activities of the PTA. The PTA association helps to create an amiable atmosphere for education . The PTA of our college extends its help hand to a wide range of needs in the curricular and co-curricular fields like maintenance of labs, financial assistance to seminars, workshops and activities of clubs, meeting the travel expense of students participating in athletic events, cash awards as a token of appreciation for students who excel in both academic and non-cademic fields etc.It also helped in the construction of auditorium, Basketball court and security room.

Auditorium funded by PTA

Basketball Court funded by PTA

Security Room Funded by PTA

Distrubution of cash awards and certificates on Merit day

Distribution of mobile phones to needy students to attend online classes

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