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1 College Union Report 2016-17
2 College Union Report 2017-18
3 College Union Report 2018-19
4 College Union Report 2019-20
5 Report of Workshops and Seminars on Research Methodology, IPR, ED and Skill Development during the last five years
6 Student Representation and Engagement in various administrative, co-curricular and extracurricular activities in the last five years
7 Report of Induction Programmes organized for First years 2016-2021
8 Report of Certificate Course on Capacity Building in IT for Girls
9 Report of Certificate Course in Tally - Basic Level
10 Annual Reports 2015-2020
11 Reports of programmes organized for imparting Ethical and Moral values to Students and Staff in the last 5 years
12 Sensitization of students and employees of the institution to the constitutional obligations
13 Details of celebration of National and International Commemorative days, events and festivals
14 Code of Conduct Policy Document
15 Gender Equity Promotion Programmes
16 Pain and Palliative Care by students

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